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Why Second Opinion

  • Some doctors are more conservative while others tend to be more aggressive. So their findings and recommendations can vary dramatically. For this reason, more and more patients are getting second opinions after a diagnosis.
  • Your doctor makes a diagnosis of cancer or identifies a rare disease or advice a surgical treatment all you need is to make sure that by taking a second opinion.
  • By taking a second opinion you get peace of mind and confirmation to a new diagnosis or a different treatment plan.
  • Second opinion provides you to get a right diagnosis for your treatment.

Why MyVirtual Hospital

  • My virtual hospital is a unique telemedicine platform which provides a variety of healthcare services though one virtual platform.
  • MVH has few of the most well trained & experienced doctors on our platform and hence we can provide best possible advice on the most complex medical cases.
  • MVH is not only on the web but we also provide in person consultation and other medical services in different cities of India.
  • Explore our web site to find out details of our other services.

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