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Dr. Rakesh Rai

Dr. Rakesh Rai is a Senior Consultant Surgeon who heads the Transplant program at Fortis Hospital, Mumbai. Dr. Rai has trained extensively in hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery and solid organ transplantation (liver, kidney, and pancreas).

He has spent almost 15 years in the UK and the USA working in some of the most renowned transplant centers in the world. He trained in HPB surgery and abdominal organ transplantation in the UK in centers like Royal Free Hospital, London, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. He then moved to US and finished his American Society of Transplant Surgeon (ASTS) accredited fellowship at Methodist Transplant Institute at Memphis.

Dr. Rai had further experience in living donor liver transplantation at Asan Medical center, Samsung Medical center in Seoul, Korea. Before joining Fortis Hospital Mumbai Dr. Rai worked as a Senior consultant in Apollo hospital, Bangalore, and in King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Dammam in Saudi Arab. He has authored several scientific articles published in International medical journals as well as the book. He is regularly invited to speak in scientific meetings in India as well as abroad.

Who We Are

My Virtual Hospital is a healthcare company with an ambition of expansion globally.

We aim to serve individuals, corporates, hospitals, insurance companies, NGO, and governmental organizations

Our services are implemented through our different verticals –

Providing treatment for the complex medical problem – 


The most important asset of MVH is the team of super specialist doctors. We have some of India's best – cardiologists, joint replacement surgeons, spine surgeons, hepatobiliary and transplant surgeons, cardiac surgeons, Colorectal surgeons, Head face and neck surgeons, Neurosurgeons and other super specialists.

We provide a seamless service of teleconsultation, help in planning your visit to our super specialty treatment destination, we take care of your travel, stay . Once you arrive our expert doctors treat you without wasting your time and our team looks after you till you get back to your home town.

Now it does not matter where you are from if you really want to get treated by the best doctors we will help you in doing just that. Now you do not need to worry about travelling to an unknown city for treatment. We will take care.


Telemedicine – with our own application we provide audio or video consultations to the individuals.  Our application provides a facility to keep electronic medical records of the patients which gets updated after each visit and the patient has access to his medical records all the time.

Our system makes it easy for patients to access doctors without wasting time. We have some of the best doctors in India available to give their advice online. Our expertise lies in guiding people with complex medical or surgical problems online and helping them throughout their journey from consultation to treatment and cure. With our knowledge base about healthcare in India, we guide our clients to most experienced doctors and to the most well-equipped hospitals.

Patients also get an option to get treated by our own expert team of super specialists if they need any further treatment following teleconsultation.

Teleradiology - We provide teleradiology services to report CT, MRI scans done anywhere in the world. Our radiologists login remotely to use a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and teleradiology workflow system to read and interpret diagnostic images. We have a team of specialist radiologists who have huge experience of reporting as they have been working in tertiary level hospitals for many years. Whether it is a remote part of India or Africa or the USA we provide teleradiology services to provide radiology reports in time for clinicians to make an important clinical decision.

Corporate healthcare solution -our company provides a one-stop solution for corporates to keep their employees fit and healthy. From telemedicine to annual health check-up, mental health wellbeing, corporate clinic, ambulance services, to fitness classes are all under one roof. We also provide home health services and medical equipment on rent.

Developing and running specialty services in hospitals – With our extensive expertise in managing super specialty departments with experienced super specialists working with us, we develop and manage specialist services in different parts of India and abroad. Any hospital which wishes to develop any specialty department we provide know-how from design to instrumentations. We train healthcare staff, doctors, and our specialists to run their clinics and provide complex services like – neurosurgery, spine surgery, solid organ transplants, cardiac intervention procedures, and other super specialty services.

Destination Surgery – Many patients from Africa, the Middle East, and other countries travel to India for treatment. Now for patients in other countries, we will be providing services in  Their home country. With our hospital tie-ups in different countries, we plan to provide services like surgeries and angioplasty in different countries. Our team of experienced doctors will travel and provide treatment in other countries.  


About Our Founder