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We have a team of highly skilled and experienced cancer surgeons. These cancer surgeons are few of the most renowned surgeons in India and they specialize in specific organ cancers.

We provide surgical treatment of the following cancers –

  • Head, Face & Neck cancers
  • Lung cancers
  • Cancers of Gastrointestinal tract – Oesophageal cancers, Stomach cancers, colon cancers, rectal cancers.
  • Hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancers – Liver cancers, cholangiocarcinomas, pancreatic cancers, gall bladder cancers.
  • Gynecological cancers – Uterine cancers, cervical cancers, ovarian cancers.
  • Urological cancers – Cancers of Kidney, bladder, prostate, Testis
  • Bone cancers.
  • Brain cancers.
  • Sarcomas
Cancer Surgery