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Destination surgery

The main asset of My Virtual Hospital (MVH) is well trained and experienced top doctors of India. Most of these doctors are working in tertiary institutions.

The health care delivery and access to specialized health care in India are limited to big cities. People travel for hundreds and thousands of miles to avail of specialized healthcare. IN recent past new hospitals are coming up in tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India. These hospitals are usually well equipped and have  ICU, blood bank, and cath lab services. These are run by business houses or by doctors themselves. This is a huge advancement in the delivery of health care although as these are mostly privately owned cost remains a concern.

Infrastructure and availability of equipment itself do not provide good quality health care. Although there may be well-equipped hospitals in smaller cities lack of expertise is still the main concern.

We at MVH are at the forefront to plug this gap in the Indian health sector.

We provide expertise to hospitals pan India to develop their super-specialty units.

If any hospital wishes to develop their departments they can contact us and we will guide them not only with design and infrastructure development but we will provide expert doctors and other paramedical staff to run the unit.

These services may be in form of running specialist clinics like – liver clinics or transplant clinic etc. or even doing interventions like coronary angioplasties or other surgeries at frequent intervals.

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Destination surgery