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Today on 15th August 2020 Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi formally announced the launch of National Digital Health Mission.

It seeks to provide efficient and affordable health coverage through a wide range of data and infrastructure services.

This is one of the best examples of linking health care delivery and technology. India is a vast and varied country in many senses. Our quality of healthcare delivery varies across the country. The biggest problem in our country is the poor collection and storage of individual data. Even in the best of the hospitals in our country, the health records may not be completely digitalized and there is no easy way for the portability of your health records.

NDHM will integrate various digital health services to create an ecosystem that can assimilate existing health information systems.

The important components of NDHM are –

  1. It’s a complete digital health ecosystem with the digitalization of health records, individual digital health card records of healthcare providers and hospitals across the country.
  2. The health ID will contain results of medical tests, previous prescriptions, diagnosis, treatments, all historical health records, 
  3. The health ID will be valid across the states and will be accepted by all healthcare providers and hospitals. Every Indian will get a Health ID card. Every they visit a doctor or a pharmacy, or a lab, all the detail will be registered in this health card. Ranging from doctor appointment to the medication prescribed, medical tests, when were they done, every bit of detail will be available in your health profile," PM  said.
  4. The platform has been planned to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of health service delivery. The health ID will be in the form of a mobile application of the website.
  5. It will also include e-prescription and telemedicine in the near future.
  6. The national health agency (NHA) has created the platform.

NDHM will implement a federated health records exchange system that will enable patient data to be held at the point of care or at the closest possible location to where it was created. Health records will be accessible and shareable by the patient with appropriate consent and complete control of the records will remain with the patient.

Dr. Rakesh Rai. MS, FRCS, MD, CCST, ASTS Fellowship.