Hip replacement surgery – facts to know before surgery.

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Hip replacement surgery – facts to know before surgery.

Hip replacement surgery – facts to know before surgery.

Hip replacement surgery – facts to know before surgery.

Hip replacement is one of the most common orthopedic surgical procedures. In this procedure, the surgeon takes out the damaged hip joint and the component of the hip joint is replaced by an artificial joint made up of plastic or metal, or ceramic.

Indications of hip replacement

The majority of hip replacement surgeries are done to replace joints that are damaged due to arthritis and the most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis other type is rheumatoid. Sometimes hip joints can get damaged due to trauma and may need a hip replacement.

The main reason for replacement is persistent pain in the joint. This pain which is disabling, persistent, and can not be controlled by medicine needs a hip replacement.

Artificial hip

The component of an artificial hip is a meta stem that goes into the thigh bone and the other end of the stem had a ball made up of metal that glides into a cup made up of ceramic or metal. This can be cemented or can be without cement.

Artificial hip lasts long. 90% of the hip joint will last for 10 years, 75 %  will last for 15 years and 25% may even last for 25 years.  For the hip joint to lasts long patient needs to be active but you need to avoid trauma or repeated high impact on the joint. Weight should be kept under control.

Surgical procedure

This surgery is done under general anesthesia so you will be asleep. There is a cut made on the side f the hip joint and the old hip joint is removed and an artificial new hip is put in the place. In the end, skin and tissue are sutured back.


Usually, recovery is quick and the patient starts walking with help from the next day. Physiotherapist guide the patients regarding exercise which are necessary for fast recovery.

You will be discharged home in a few days. Once at home few precautions need to be taken.  You should avoid bending and be careful about climbing stairs. Slowly range of movement increases, the pain goes away and people can swim and play golf. Coordination and strength improve.

Sometimes both hips can be replaced at the same time. It takes longer but it's possible if you are otherwise fit. If two surgeries are done with an interval then at least 6 weeks gap should be given.

Dr. Rakesh Rai. MS, FRCS, MD, CCT, ASTS Fellow.