Its never too late to give up smoking

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Its never too late to give up smoking

Its never too late to give up smoking

Its never too late to give up smoking

Seventy percent of lung cancer is caused by cigarette smoking. Stopping smoking reduces your risk of cancer. Certain other benefits of stopping smoking start immediately. The benefit you get is not related to your age or health condition. So you should try to quit whatever your age be.

Once you stop smoking you get less cold and flu, less bronchitis and you feel much healthier. 

Just 20 minutes after you stop smoking your heart rate and blood pressure comes down. Within 12 hours carbon monoxide level drops to normal. In 3 months your circulation improves and your lung function improves.

Once you stop smoking not only risk of lung cancer drop but the risk of other cancers also lowers. The risk of other critical illnesses like heart attack, stroke, and chronic lung disease decreases.

If you have cancer

If you stop smoking then even if you undergo any other surgery then your risk of complication will be less, recovery will be faster and lung complications will be. Even if you are diagnosed with lung cancer it is a good idea to stop smoking.

Quitting at old age

  • The challenges: the longer you have smoked more difficult to give up.
  • The advantages: Older adults are more experienced and have they have more experience in handling challenging situations.
  • Immediate benefit Soon after quitting you’ll notice your breath smells better, stained teeth get whiter, food tastes better, and everyday activities like climbing stairs might not leave you out of breath as much. 

Dr. Rakesh Rai. MS, FRCS, MD, CCT, ASTS Fellow