Pregnancy and Covid-19 vaccine

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Pregnancy and Covid-19 vaccine

Pregnancy and Covid-19 vaccine

Pregnancy and Covid-19 vaccine

Although the COVID-19 vaccine is now in the market in some parts of the world, there are still questions with unclear answers.

One of these questions is whether pregnant ladies should take the vaccine or not? With a lot of rumors in circulation in social media about the vaccine, it's important that fact should be clearly stated.

Although there is not huge data about the effects of vaccination in pregnant ladies, international healthcare organizations and leading scientific associations have released their guidance and said that pregnant ladies should take the vaccine.

The women can also plan their pregnancy after vaccination. These guidelines are about Pfizer’s vaccine as this is among the first vaccine which is in use in the USA. This vaccine being mRNA vaccine they do not pose threat to pregnant females as well they do not harm breastfeeding babies if a mother has been vaccinated. On the other hand, pregnant ladies are at high risk of severe COVID-19 infection.

In clinical trials, some participants had mild flu-like symptoms after vaccination, including reactions where they got the shot, fatigue, chills, muscle and joint pain, and headache. Among participants aged 18-55 years, fever greater than 100.4 F occurred in 3.7% of people after the first dose and in 15.8?ter the second dose. Most symptoms ended in a few days.

The pregnant woman can use paracetamol for fever or pain after vaccination.

Thus pregnant ladies need to discuss the option of vaccination with their doctor. 

Dr. Rakesh Rai. MS, FRCS, MD, CCT, ASTS fellow (USA).