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My virtual hospital (MVH) has a team of surgeons who are experts in Robotics surgery.

Robotic surgery is a surgical procedure where the surgical procedure is carried out using the help of a Robotic device. Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery and it enhances the capability of a surgeon. It allows surgeons to do complex surgeries with small incisions as it provides more flexibility, control over the movements, and precision.

Advantage of Robotic Surgery
Because of much better visualization of structures, precision, and flexibility Robotic surgery provides the following advantages to the patients –

1. Less post-operative pain as incisions are small and tissue damage is minimal.
2. Small scar
3. Less blood loss
4. Quick recovery after surgery

Cost of Robotic surgery –
Robotic surgery is usually costlier than open or laparoscopic surgery because of the cost of Robots and other devices used in Robotic surgery. But earlier patient discharge and earlier return to work may compensate at least some part of the increased cost.

What Robotic procedures we perform?
Gastrointestinal surgery –
1. Robotic oesophageal surgery
2. Robotic gastrectomy
3. Robotic Whipple's surgery
4. Robotic colonic surgery – right hemicolectomy, left hemicolectomy, anterior resection

1. Hysterectomy – Removal of a uterus
2. Removal of ovaries

We use Robotic surgery routinely in the field of urology. Following surgeries are done routinely using robotics –

1. Radical prostatectomy – Radical prostate surgery is routinely done using a Robot as results are better than open or Laparoscopic surgery.
2. Radical nephrectomy
3. Partial nephrectomy
4. Radical cystectomies

Robotic Surgery