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Teleradiology Services from Doctors Beyond Borders (DBB)

Doctors beyond borders is a healthcare company based in India which provides healthcare solutions. One of our components is providing reading and interpretation services via teleradiology. We understand that the demand for image and diagnostic interpretation services in radiology is increasing at hospitals and imaging centers across the world. In some cases, this is the result of staffing issues or the lack of subspecialty expertise.

With the advancement of technology and internet bandwidth, any imaging provider can gain access to remote subspecialty radiologists, teleradiology services, and high-quality reports through efficient teleradiology workflow systems. By utilizing a teleradiology model, we provide subspecialty expertise to radiology services.

The subspecialty-trained radiologists at DBB are based in Mumbai, India. All of them have many years of experience in evaluating imaging findings and reporting on their findings. Our radiologists specialize in interpreting radiology images for specific parts of the body. We provide outsourcing solutions for referring physicians, patients, medical institutions, final attending radiologists, and many other individuals and radiology groups. We also provide written the second opinion to radiology interpretations of outside (third party) imaging studies for patients, their referring physicians or their legal counsel from all over India.

Our radiology interpretations significantly enhance the ability of physicians to improve patient care.

Our radiologist's login remotely to use a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and teleradiology workflow system to read and interpret diagnostic images.

Out of hour reporting

In hospitals in the United States, a majority of radiology services are outsourced and mainly 90% of late-night radiology interpretations are conducted remotely.

We can provide interpretations remotely to our clients for the reads of their weekend, late-night, and after-hours exams. 

Preliminary reads

 DBB values and respects the commitment our centers have for providing their patients with the highest standards in quality of care.  In a joint effort, we want to optimize the quality of care provided to each patient with no exceptions, by offering comprehensive preliminary teleradiology interpretations, preliminary reports, and preliminary reads.

As the urgent need arises, we understand and will give you our undivided attention to deliver a preliminary report if requested.

Our radiologists read diagnostic images at a pace that minimizes significant reporting mistakes and discrepancies in radiological interpretations. Our radiologists are trained to accurately answer clinical questions posed by emergency medicine physicians and the ordering clinician. As all of our consultant radiologists have been working in tertiary medical institutes, they have experience in working with specialists consultants and discussing reports in multidisciplinary team meetings.

Report turnaround times for studies that are not considered emergencies typically range from an hour or two.  The use of voice recognition software, a robust cloud-based PACS, efficient workflow protocols and consistent communication standards with our referring physicians help DBB decrease the TAT (turn around time) and wait time from image to interpretation.

Radiology Outsourcing Rates and Fees

Our radiology interpretation rates are competitive and we are ready to discuss the rates following an offer.